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RFID Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that allows automatic identification of objects, animals or people by incorporating a small electronic chip on its "host". Data is stored on this chip and can then be "read" by wireless devices, called RFID readers.

RFID applications in Railway Warehousing and Wagon tracking

1.    Fast and accurate check-in, cargo weighing, cleaning, refueling, unloading time etc
2.    Job work, maintenance improvements
3.    Locating and monitoring of vehicles within the RFID equipped zone
4.    Automated record keeping of maintenance checks and repairs
5.    Accurate coordination of preventative maintenance whether based on mileage driven or motor runtimes or combination of        both
6.    On –line access to logs of previous maintenance work.
7.    Automated inventory control and procurement of spare parts
8.    Improved equipment utilization.
9.    Better use of labour pool
10.  Minimize errors

Parking Management Solution- Benefits
•    Improved ROI
•    Reduced transaction times
•    Enhanced responsiveness
•    Error free
•    Enhanced security and safety
•    Elimination of human errors
•    Increased response times
•    Improved visibility and security
•    Reduced costs related to downtime

RFID and Smart Solutions- Benefits
•    Improved productivity
•    Reduced transaction times
•    Enhanced responsiveness
•    Reduced Opex
•    Improved transportation management
•    Increased capital asset utilization
•    Improved visibility and security
•    Reduced costs related to pilferage, theft and fraud

Electronic identification devices (EIDs)
•    RFID or Micro-chipping are fast becoming the method of choice for animal identification.
•    Tattoos often fade and become hard to read an ear tags can become lost.
•    Many animal owners are claiming success with the ease of application of electronic identification
•    Scanning animals with a convenient handheld reader is easy and the implants are simple to inject into the animal

Two choices of electronic Identification
•    Electronic Ear Tags
•    Transponder Implants – Micro chip

Scope of Work - Data collection
Livestock Management – Data Collection:

•    Milk Production, Date of Heat, Date of Al, Detail of Semen, Name of Al Worker.
•    Migration details with in and outside state, Date of Entry and Exit to and from the state, Subsidy/Loan.
•    For Male Cattle additional tentative filed: Castration Date , Date of Service
•    Serving Cow Detail with identification no. , Detail of Progeny with identification no.
•    Ownership details
•    Full address and contact
•    Identification of the cattle
•    Dairy animal information
•    Type of dairy animal
•    Breed of animal
•    Pedigree of the cattle
•    Health records
•    Artificial insemination
•    Pregnancy diagnosis
•    Calving
•    Treatment
•    Vaccination
•    Milking record
•    Feeding
•    Loan details
•    Insurance details
•    Or any information as desired by the department from time to time.

Benefits of the Census
•    The milk output data for block level will help in formulating schemes to increase milk output in regions where output is not up       to the mark.
•    Once the block level micro-chipping is complete covering the entire block then it will be uploaded on our database server so       that the authorities based in state HQ can view it and accordingly from time to time.
•    A SMS reminder facility will also be provided for vaccination/loan installment/premium deposit date so that the deadlines shall       not be missed.

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