IGI Group of Companies

Defence & Homeland Security

IGI offers Defence & Homeland Security Services through our Service partner ISDS- Israel

ISDS is a world renowned, multinational consultancy and system integration group in the security and defense fields.

The ISDS group, led by ISDS Ltd., offers more than 25 years of extensive international experience, know-how and skill-base in the fields of security and defense, allowing it to achieve the most effective integrated security solutions for its clients.

The ISDS group of companies, international offices, subsidiaries and affiliates spans the world.

The ISDS group's success stems from its international, unique and highly experienced pool of security experts.

The ISDS group's distinct competitive advantage lies in its diverse and all-encompassing capabilities to meet strategic short or long term objectives.

Threat and risk assessments

  • Identification of critical assets and processes
  • Potential targets identification
  • Threat scenarios selection
  • Vulnerability and consequence assessment
  • Threat/target risk scoring
  • Mitigation strategies and action prioritization

Command in security operations

  • Development of security command models, setup and function frameworks to meet specific command, control & coordination needs for security operation purposes
  • Development of a role definition framework for security forces
  • Development of incident and crisis management plans

Security Planning

Security Concept of Operation and Technology

Organizational Structure plans
  •  Structure
  •  Forces and missions
  •  Duties and responsibilities
  •  Recruiting and training
  •  Drills and exercises
  •  Internal audits
  •  Equipment

Risk Management

  • Routine and emergency procedures
  • Digitized data-base - site files
  • Situation/event management software

Security Systems

  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • System and installation design
  • Equipment purchasing and bidding support
  • Supervision of system installation
  • System integration and testing
  • System operation training
  • System commissioning

System Integration

  • B.O.T projects Building, Operating, Transferring

Special Activities Plans

  • VIP protection plans
  • Land/sea transport security plans
  • Crisis management — National Response Plans (NRP) Corporate Response Plans (CRP)
  • CBR protection plans
  • IT security plans
  • Land/sea borders policing

Security Training

  • Setting up and training of anti-terror and law enforcement special units
  • Setting up and training of VIP protection units
  • Training and placement of security professionals
  • Development of training programs (general & special training, in-field training)
  • Development of security readiness exercises programs

Specialized Services

  • Open Source Intelligence
    Updated and comprehensive database on world terror organizations and countries gathered, analyzed and processed from a range of quality sources world wide
  • Competitive Business Intelligence (CBI)
    Continuous process involving the legal and ethical collection of information, analysis and controlled dissemination of actionable intelligence to decision makers
  • Situation/Event Security Management System (SMS)
    Command and control tool to guide decision makers in choosing and managing the best response plans in real-time
  • Technical Counter Measures (TCM) services
    • Review of current security policies and procedures
    • Telephone line analysis
    • Telephone instrument analysis
    • Radio frequency spectrum analysis
    • Non-linear junction analysis
    • Physical inspection for surveillance devices
  • Loss Prevention
  • Security Audits
  • Security and Defense Systems and Products supply

General Emergency Programs

  • Emergency Management Concept and Principles
  • Risk Management
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Emergency Planning
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Community Emergency Planning
  • Seacrh and Rescue Concepts and Principles
  • Multi-Agency Incident Management
  • Disaster Damage Operations
  • Operations Centre Management
  • Leadership and Decision Making Methodology
  • Communications
  • Exercise and Drill management
  • Audit Management
  • Man Made and Natural Disasters
    • Man Made Disasters
      • Explosions
      • Fire
      • Terrorism
      • Political Unrest
      • Major Transportation Accidents
      • Hazardous Material spills
      • CBRN Attacks
    • Natural Disasters
      • Storms
      • Earthquakes
      • Volcanoes
      • Tsunamis
      • Floods
      • Forest Fires
    • Operational Stages
      • Prepardness
      • Prevention
      • Response
      • Recovery


Crime Prevention Programs

  • Social Strategies
  • Education and Promotion
  • Environmental Design
  • Community Police
  • Police Force Prepardness
  • Weapons and Drug Control
  • Rahabilitation and Reintegration Services in the Community and Correctional Facilities
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