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Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and analyzing biological data. In information technology, biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyze human body characteristics, such as fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, voice patterns, facial patterns and hand measurements, for authentication purposes.
Biometric System for EPFO
•    Certainty that all staff have received, read and understood any/all policies and procedures
•    Reduce the risk of damage to reputation and risk of financial loss(fines)
•    Provide evidence of good Governance, best practice and compliance
•    Automates a time consuming manual checking and chasing process
•    Provide knowledge assessments and staff surveys throughout the organization

Benefits of a biometric- based system
•    Provides security for all registration: it is very difficult to duplicate or share because you cannot give a copy of your face or      your hand to someone.
•    Automates compliance checks and regulates EPF-EEN processing
•    Automated company management portal
•    Company disaster management integration
•    Automated alerts when an unauthorized transaction occurs
•    Accurate traceability
•    EPF transparency

In biometric system there is an Automated alerts whenever an unauthorized transaction occurs it starts automatically.

Other Biometric based smart solution
•    Home Land Security
•    Health Care
•    E-Governance
•    Education
•    Asset Management

Operations span across
•    India
•    Vietnam
•    USA
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